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6 Jan 2015
Summer Festival

Two days left before The BPM Festival starts

In less than two days The BPM Festival will start at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

In a time of the year where festivals announce dates and line ups for this year's events, the first big festival is about to take off. For ten days and nights an incredible list of more than 200 artists will be playing at the white sunny beaches all over the Mexican area of Playa Del Carmen. You'd better wear track shoes in stead of flip flops to keep up between the days of the 9th and 18th of January. 

The days are split up in a 'night event schedule' and a 'day event schedule'.

What's the success? New year's resolutions, Christmas presents? Well, could be the line up though... just to name a few: Soul ClaptINIJoy OrbisonDixonEats EverythingCarl Craig and many more on http://www.thebpmfestival.com/lineup