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12 Feb 2015

Nick Höppner Announces Debut Album For Ostgut Ton

Panorama Bar resident Nick Höppner announces debut album for Ostgut Ton

The former Ostgut Ton label manager releases his debut album called 'Folk' in March 2015.

Nick Höppner: "I decided to call my album Folk because I feel that we all work with a sonic vocabulary that was developed by a relatively small set of pioneers 20 or 30 years ago who took their cues from disco, which was influenced by R&B, Funk, Soul, etc, down to the most primal ritualism of tribal drums," Höppner explains. "I also called this [LP] Folk as the blueprint of this music was laid out on what were originally cheap instruments from a dusty thrift store, he continues. "In 1985, the TB-303 was the equivalent of a worn out acoustic guitar. Today this is reflected by the immense and accessible power of creation found in a $500 laptop running a crack of Reason or Ableton."

As a teaser Ostgut Ton released the track "Rising Overheads" on their Soundcloud page. Check it here: