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Plug 9Waves into your app or website

All your social media content from 12 leading platforms on your own website.

9Waves allows you to combine content from up to 12 leading social media and music platforms in one clear overview. 9Waves easily blends into your app or website design.

This means you can serve your audience a Livefeed of all your content, within your own online environment. 100% automatically.

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How does it work?

Simply plug 9Waves into your app or website.

9Waves technology works fast, simple and automatically. You select the channels you like or use the most, and we bundle and blend them in your app or website. After installation, your Livefeed is updated and refreshed automatically.

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Up to 12 platforms in one overview

Choose up to 12 social media and music platforms. 9Waves blends them seamlessly into your website or app. 9Waves enables you to serve your audience the most complete media stream – the 9Waves Livefeed.

Increase engagement from your audience.

9Waves Livefeeds generate up to 170% more website visits and intensifies app use by your audience.

Unlock free influencer marketing.

Recover content that was invisible to your audience before.

Eliminate labour costs on content management.

Your 9Waves Livefeed is updated and refreshed completely automatically.

Save immense amounts of time on content management.

Why you need 9Waves

9Waves saves you time and money and creates one beautiful overview.

9Waves gathers all your content from up to 12 platforms and combines it into one clear overview. Our Livefeed allows your fans to fully enjoy your posts. Click on the icons for further details.

Let's go

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We're currently developing a service, which makes it possible to integrate Livefeeds into other websites, by making use of our technology. Please feel free to contact us, and we'll glad to help you further!

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